Kelly Library

Interlibrary Loan Policy




I.                  Definition


An interlibrary loan is a transaction in which a library material, or a copy of the material, is made available by one library to another upon request.


II.               Purpose


The purpose of interlibrary loan services is to obtain library materials for our patrons that are not available in Kelly Library and to lend materials from our collection to all eligible requesting libraries.


III.           Conditions of Service


The conditions of this service are governed by the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, 1994 (revised 2001) as adopted by the American Library Association, the Virginia Interlibrary Loan Code, 1989, the Copyright Law, Title 17, U.S. Code, and by the regulations of the individual lending libraries.


IV.            Interlibrary Borrowing


A.     This service is offered to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of Emory & Henry College.  It is intended to support Emory & Henry College-related professional development and academic research.  For research leading to a degree from another institution, patrons should forward their requests to the degree-granting institution.

B.     All other patrons not currently affiliated with the College (i.e. community borrowers, alumni, ministers, etc.) are encouraged to use their “home” libraries for interlibrary loan service.  Students from other institutions should use the library located at the institution where they are enrolled.  Community borrowers, et al. are asked to use their local public library.

C.     Loan Materials

1.      The following materials are usually available for interlibrary loan:

a.                   Books

b.                  Photocopies of periodical and newspaper articles (from hard copy, microfilm and microfiche).

2.         Most libraries will not ordinarily lend the following types of 


a.                   Rare or valuable material, including manuscripts

b.                  Bulky or fragile items that are difficult or expensive to ship

c.                   Material in high demand at the lending library (i.e. “best sellers,” recently published items, etc.)

d.                  Audio visual materials

3.         Material that will not be borrowed:

a.                   Materials owned by Kelly Library (unless our copy is lost

or missing)

b.                  Materials for class (such as text books) or reserve use

c.                   Any materials that we determine will be in violation of copyright laws.

D.     Borrower’s Responsibilities

1.         Each patron is responsible for checking the holdings of Kelly

            Library for the item before requesting it on interlibrary loan.

2.         The patron must submit requests for materials through the electronic ILLiad interlibrary loan system.  Paper request forms are no longer accepted.  When filling out an electronic form, please be sure to include complete bibliographic information.  Do not use abbreviations.  Incomplete request forms or requests for items already in our collection will be returned to the patron.

3.         The source in which the citation was found must be included on the request form.

4.         Due to the increased demand for interlibrary loans and increases in borrowing and lending costs we cannot offer unlimited loans.  All patrons must utilize the resources of Kelly Library before submitting an interlibrary loan request.  If you need help with your research, please see a reference librarian for assistance. Current Emory & Henry College students, faculty, and staff may submit up to 50 requests per fiscal year. The fiscal year will run from July 1 to June 30. Usually there is no cost to our patron for this service unless the lending library charges a fee.  In those cases, the cost will be charged to the patron.  Patrons may submit additional requests but will be charged a minimum of $5.00 for each request above the first 50 requests per fiscal year.  If the library is billed above the minimum $5.00, the additional charges will be passed on to the patron.  Patrons may not “share” the first 50 requests.  Patrons may have no more than ten interlibrary loan books or “returnable” items checked out at one time.  As these materials are returned we will process additional requests.

5.         Loan Period

a.       The loan period for interlibrary loans is determined by the lending library, but is usually at least 2 weeks.

b.      A renewal period, if any, is determined by the lending library.  Kelly Library patrons requesting a renewal must notify our library 3 days prior to the stated due date (found on the sticker or cover slip of the interlibrary loan material).

6.         Overdues

a.       In order to make interlibrary loan an effective service, it is necessary to maintain good relations with cooperating libraries.  Loan periods and use restrictions are set by the lending library and must be strictly observed.

b.      Any patron failing to return 2 interlibrary loan materials by the specified due date will have his/her interlibrary loan privileges revoked indefinitely (patron may still order photocopies).

c.       If any material remains overdue for more than 7 working days a nonrefundable processing fee of $10.00 will be charged to the patron’s Business Office account in addition to revoking the patron’s interlibrary loan privileges.

d.      A replacement fee (to be determined by the lending library) will be charged for book damage or loss.


  E.                   Turnaround Time

It is important to plan ahead when requesting materials on interlibrary loan.  Requests are processed as quickly as possible.  You should plan on waiting approximately 7 to 10 days or longer to receive a requested item.  The time needed to obtain an interlibrary loan is dependent upon the difficulty of the request, proximity of the lending library and the amount of requests to be processed.


V.               Interlibrary Lending


A.     Kelly Library lends materials to other libraries without charge.  Requests may be received via mail (ALA forms), fax and OCLC.

B.     The following materials will circulate for interlibrary loan purposes:

1.         Books (to exclude reference books, fragile and irreplaceable materials from Special Collections or the Holston Conference Archives).

2.         Photocopies of periodical and newspaper articles.  Requests for photocopies must indicate compliance with copyright guidelines.

C.     Loan period to borrowing libraries

1.         Materials will be loaned for a period of eight weeks (56 days).

2.         No renewal of materials will be made without permission of the Interlibrary Loan Supervisor.

3.         Depending upon the condition and format, some items may be restricted to “in library use only.”

4.         Kelly Library reserves the right to recall an item at any time that it is needed by our patrons for research.

D.     Processing of Interlibrary Loans

1.         Service will be given as speedily as conditions permit.  A 2-day turnaround time for requests received from other libraries is the goal of our interlibrary loan staff.

2.         Interlibrary loan books will normally be shipped by UPS or the U.S. mail.  Photocopies will be sent by Ariel or fax (if copy quality is adequate) if these numbers are included on the interlibrary loan form.  Other photocopies will be sent through the U.S. mail.

E.      Fees

1.         No fees are charged for borrowing books or other returnable materials.

2.         No fees are charged for photocopies of periodicals and newspaper articles.

F.      Overdue materials

1.         When an item has been overdue for 1 month, it will be recalled from the borrowing library.

2.         If an interlibrary loan material has been damaged or lost, a bill will be sent to the borrowing library requesting payment.


VI.            Suspension of Interlibrary Loan Service


A.     Interlibrary loan service will not be available to borrowing libraries from December 15 through January 5 of each year due to the closing of Kelly Library for the Christmas holidays.

B.     All materials that have a due date during this period must be retrieved from our patrons and returned to the lending library before closing for the Christmas holidays (the only exception to this rule is if the material is renewed until after the holidays).

C.     All materials due for return to the lending libraries during the summer must be retrieved from our students and mailed back before the Emory & Henry College students leave for summer break.

D.     All materials due for return to the lending libraries after the summer school session must be retrieved from our students and returned to the lending library by the end of summer school.